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Rose de Fremery 03/01/2018 4 Minute Read

New year, fresh (re)start: Digital housekeeping for your tech

Start with your new year with some much-needed digital housekeeping and ensure your office security and privacy are set for the new year, and beyond!

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Benard Quek 20/12/2017 5 Minute Read

Artificial intelligence is making waves in Southeast Asia

Are you prepared for artificial intelligence? If not, learn all you need to know about the spread of AI throughout the ASEAN region here.

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Benard Quek 21/11/2017 6 Minute Read

Singapore’s faster internet speeds make it an ideal IT hub

Compared to neighbouring countries, Singapore's internet speeds are blazing fast—which is great news for businesses planning to set up shop there.

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Iris Leung 05/10/2017 3 Minute Read

Chatbot catastrophes—why we need fully realised AI personalities

Enter the chatbot, a text-based service powered by AI that also relies on humans. But what happens when those friendly chatbots go rogue?

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Rose de Fremery 21/09/2017 3 Minute Read

3 IT job duties that are major time-sucks

Do you know which IT job duties are draining your company of precious resources? Here's a list of potential culprits—and how you can deal with them.

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Rose de Fremery 08/08/2017 4 Minute Read

Are you ready for the impact of changing printer standards?

Innovations in print are rapidly accelerating. To stay ahead, you need a print strategy that accounts for these trending (and upcoming) printer standards.

Joe Hewitson 11/07/2017 3 Minute Read

How the “psychology” of colour in real estate can boos…

How important are colours in your real estate advertisements and listings? The psychology of colour in real estate is very real, and you should take note.

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