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Iris Leung 03/05/2018 3 Minute Read

Singapore’s going up in the cloud—can your infrastructure fo…

Singapore is almost the most cloud-ready nation in Asia, second to Hong Kong. Here's what your business should consider before going up in the cloud:

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Tektonika Staff 24/04/2018 3 Minute Read

Optimize business operations and processes for the Factory of the …

Some may have heard of the buzzword "industry 4.0", a term that has much to do with cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud...

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Daniel Tay 17/04/2018 3 Minute Read

Artificial intelligence will boost job growth—not squash it

Thanks to artificial intelligence, a lot of the time-consuming work that's been done for decades is becoming automated at an unprecedented rate.

Daniel Tay 28/03/2018 5 Minute Read

4 industry-tech portmanteaus showcasing the impact of technology

The impact of technology in today's world is evident. Here's how fintech, wealthtech, regtech, and insurtech are rapidly changing industries today.

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Iris Leung 26/12/2017 4 Minute Read

Don’t let patient data considerations keep you up at night

Virtual clinics could change the face of the health care industry—but only if they manage to keep patient data considerations, like privacy, in mind.

Benard Quek 30/11/2017 6 Minute Read

Start taking down IT complexity with simple printers

Today's IT environment is complex—but that's not something IT needs to fear. Learn how you can battle IT complexity with simple printers here.

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Iris Leung 28/11/2017 6 Minute Read

A day in the life of a tech startup founder

Check out our step-by-step guide for the millennial entrepreneur who's planning to build a successful tech startup in Southeast Asia.

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